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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do the activities take place?
All the cars are on the autodrome of the National Automobile Museum of Mulhouse.

How long is the racetrack?
The racetrack is 700m long.

Where is the racetrack ?
The racetrack is located inside the museum, in the free access part, you don't need to have an entrance ticket to the museum to come on the racetrack. Just follow the signs in the museum.

How fast can I drive on the racetrack ?
The autodrome is a test track in the middle of the city and not a speedway, so the speed limit is 70km/h.

Is there an instructor in the car with me?
No, there is no instructor in the car, but you will be briefed before the start.

Can I bring passengers ?
Yes, at no extra charge, within the limit of the number of seats in the car.

Is it mandatory to book to drive ?
You can book online via our reservation page but it is not mandatory.

In which cases is a deposit required ?
A deposit will be required only for services on open road. Its amount varies from 2000€ to 5000€ depending on the car.

What documents do I need to present to drive ?
Your driving license is the only document required.

What happens in case of an accident ?
If you are not responsible you will not owe anything, if you are responsible the deductible is 20% of the amount of the repairs with a minimum of 2000€.

Can I buy a gift voucher?
Yes, directly from the reservation page. If you prefer to offer a gift voucher of a certain value a dedicated page is proposed.

Can I reserve a particular car?
Yes from the reservation page.

In case of bad weather what happens ?
We maintain the reservations except if the customer prefers to postpone.

If the reserved car breaks down, what happens ?
The old cars being capricious it can happen that they break down, in this case we will propose you another model of equivalent or superior range without expenses.

How am I insured ?
In all risk by our insurance.

Am I sure to get the car I reserved ?
Yes, unless the vehicle breaks down, in which case we will do our best to inform you as soon as possible.

Will you show me how the car works ?
Yes, a briefing before departure is systematically done.

From what age can I drive ?
As long as you have your driving license, there is no minimum age.

Can I take children as a passenger ?
Yes, from 3 years old.

Can children drive ?
No, because a driver's license is required to drive.

I made a reservation on the site with the wrong name, should I change it ?

How can I use a gift certificate and what are the terms ?
You can redeem gift certificates through the integrated store on our website. To do so, choose the desired experience from our product range and place it in the shopping cart. You will then be able to enter the promo code for your gift certificate under the heading: "I have a promo code".
The amount of the gift certificate will be deducted from the total price.
If the value of the gift certificate is less than the total price of the reservation, you will have to pay the difference through one of the available payment methods.
If the value of the gift certificate exceeds the total price of the reservation, the total cost of the order will be 0,00 €. You can then redeem the remaining amount of the voucher for other reservations.
You cannot redeem more than one gift certificate in a basket.
The gift certificate code cannot be combined with other coupons or discount codes.

If you have not found the answer to your question, please write to us:


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